One Step Behind…and four other ideas…

  1. The best that a leader should hope for is that her/ his team members will be one step behind them in the commitment stakes to any organizational change especially when that change is cultural i.e. a behavioral change!
  2. Cultural Change programs that do not result in some turnover are most likely not well-designed. In simple terms not all employees will make the journey when it comes to behavioral change.
  3. Cultural change is a process not an event and cannot be done ‘for’ an organization by consultants. It requires months and years of commitment by leaders at every level in the organization.
  4. While significant and positive change can take years the good work can be overturned in days through thoughtless acts of ill-informed managers.
  5. Cultural change becomes easier when organizations translate their Values into behaviors that can be observed and integrate these behaviors into their performance management systems i.e. people are assesses against not just what they achieve but also how they achieve it.