The Management of Diversity and Inclusivity

Our workshops have been designed with a particular client need in mind. In all cases the existing design is then further tailored depending on the client’s sector/ industry; strategy, issues…

The management of Diversity & Inclusivity – the need…

To “Achieve Greater Inclusivity through the Management of Diversity”

“Managed Diversity improves teamwork, innovation and creativity”

Managing Diversity Workshop

“Discrimination to Tolerance; Tolerance to Acceptance; Acceptance to Valuing, these are the challenges in establishing whether the ‘minority groups in your organization are being assimilated; marginalized, in resistance or translating” – A Two Day Workshop


To introduce to a lead team (at MD or GM Level) the issue of diversity in a way that they can begin to proactively manage it as a business issue with confidence and an understanding of the ‘good for business’ outcomes at stake


Increased skill in:
  • Managing Diversity
  • Translation
Increased knowledge of:
  • The traditional motivators for managing diversity, the consequent methodologies and the outcomes of those methodologies
  • Statutory compliance/ Justice & Affirmative Action
  • Harmony & Multiculturalism
  • Good for Business Inclusivity * the Management of Diversity Through Translation
  • Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination
  • A Model for Managing Diversity and achieving translation across difference
  • What ‘inclusivity’ means in practice
  • Managing Culture through Storytelling in the context of Diversity
Personal growth through experiencing concepts by participating in:
  • Written & Video Case studies
  • Personal Sharing Activities
  • Direct application tasks
Documentation of:
  • A process map for cascading a broad based Managing Diversity Program
  • 10 GFB Reasons to accept and value diversity in our Company
  • 15 Acts of Practical Inclusivity for our Company
  • The company’s priority ranked diversity issues and 1st draft action plans for dealing with them


This workshop should be run at an MD or GM Lead Team level to start with after which tailored workshops for broader organization can be developed and implemented

Workshop Delivery Requirements (People)

One facilitator to be provided by ourselves

Workshop Topics

  • Affirmative Action, Multiculturalism and Managing Diversity – What’s the difference?
  • The GFB – Good For Business Model – Positive Action vs. Affirmative Action
  • Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination
  • A Model for Managing Diversity and achieving translation across difference
  • Assimilation – Roots & causes, symptoms & solutions
  • Resistance – Roots & causes, symptoms & solutions
  • Marginalization – Roots & causes, symptoms & solutions
  • Practical Inclusivity & Our Company
  • Managing Culture through Storytelling in the context of Diversity i.e. 100 small things
  • Fair Process
  • How to engage appropriately
  • How to explain openly
  • How to explore mutually
  • How to clarify expectations and
  • How to create a basis for enthusiasm
  • A Managing Diversity Program – process Review and Critical Evaluation


  • Duration – Two days
  • # of attendees – Whatever the size of the natural team is (typically ten to fourteen people)
  • Typical location or site – Off site training room/ hotel/ motel/ conference centre
  • Residential requirements – Residential is essential


  • We provide electronic copy of a modified Toolkit (workshop manual) to the client for printing as well as electronic copy of all handouts not appropriate for inclusion into the Toolkit

Venue Requirements

  • Whiteboard, butchers paper stands & stationery
  • Main U-shaped area as well as two fully equipped breakaways
  • Video playback facility

Managing Diversity Program

“Attract & Retain diversity if this is what will offer you competitive advantage” – A Two Year Program

The Managing Diversity Program is an extension of the Workshop already outlined and is developed by that same team returning for a third day:

“A Positioning Workshop “

Purpose: To design the intervention around the following elements:
  • Project ‘Inclusivity’ Team Establishment Criteria
  • Planning an Inclusivity Audit
  • Scoping the Project
  • Projecting the Benefits
  • Workshops
    • EEO & Our Laws – Local, Sate & Federal
    • Managing Diversity
    • Sensitivity Training
  • Systems Re-design
  • Positive Actions
  • Community Networking
We facilitate this workshop and can be actively involved in subsequent elements of the program where they fall within our capability which would be:
  • Design and conduct an inclusivity audit (Cultural)
  • Make recommendations as a part of presenting the audit results
  • Conducting managing Diversity Workshops
  • Conducting a Systems Audit (People Systems)
  • Make recommendations as a part of presenting the audit results
  • Facilitating Translation workshops at Company/ Community Level
  • Providing General Advice


A plan of action to proactively manage diversity and transform/ renew the organization’s culture and systems so as to become a more inclusive organization with a clear and ongoing measurement process against projected benefits couched in the language of GFB – Good For Business Outcomes