It is Amazing how much you can Achieve if you are not Concerned who gets the Credit (A² ≠ C²)

Service i.e. ‘sustaining’ role incumbents are really the unsung heroes of organizations. There are of course heroes in other roles who get accolades but it is the service role incumbents who get short shrift when it comes to praise.

And is this right or fair? We suspect not but equally it raises an important recruitment and selection issue as to who would be best suited to a service role. Glory seekers and wannabees are very often less effective in these sorts of roles because of their concern to get credit. In fact we have always thought of service roles as ones that ‘create air for the business’ i.e. they enable the business to breathe. When people in these roles are or become ‘attention seekers’ the net outcome is that they create smog and clutter the organization with bureaucracy.

On the other hand some people will continually amaze others by their achievements in service roles quite simply because they are unconcerned as to who gets the credit!