Effective Teams

We believe that there are five characteristics of effective teams and these are:

  1. Effective Teams have and use process i.e. structured methodologies for achieving outcomes.
  2. In effective teams ‘leadership’ is demonstrated – we do not subscribe to the idea of self-directed or self-managed teams and even where these teams seem to be effective it is more often than not the case that a natural leader has emerged and is providing leadership.
  3. In effective teams ‘membership’ is demonstrated, actively and proactively. In fact an untapped business advantage is membership and organizations that devote 90% plus of their training budget to developing leadership capability would do well to remember this characteristic.
  4. In effective teams the leader and members are able to avoid counter-productive or hindering behaviors such as dominating; avoiding; undermining; sub-grouping; withdrawing and…
  5. Finally, in effective teams people are aware of themselves and others from the perspective of temperament and style preferences and differences and they are willing to adjust to each other’s style.