The Grange

The nature of our work takes us to many fantastic hotels, motels, homesteads and resorts all over the world. In our beautiful native state of Victoria in south eastern Australia we have established an alliance with a hotel chain who understands our client’s need and how best we try to service them and where possible it is our preference to use the facilities of one of the Grange Group hotels when working in Victoria, Australia.


As outlined in our Product Offering on People2 Technology (Link) we have a partnership with Antz Consulting designed to deliver a superior change management methodology in the context of technology implementations. Whether working with Antz or in our own right we strive to bring people to technology and deliver high adoption rates through sound change process management.

Hopkins Design

Whether tailoring an existing product (workshop or program) or designing a process for our clients we strive to ensure that they are able to ‘own the outcome’. For this reason we have along-standing alliance with Hopkins Design.