Food for Thought

Effective Teams

We believe that there are five characteristics of effective teams and these are: Effective Teams have and use process i.e. structured methodologies for achieving outcomes. In effective teams ‘leadership’ is demonstrated – we do not subscribe... View Article

The Personality Clash Myth

It is just too easy to say: “Bill and Mary have an irreconcilable personality clash and there is nothing that I, as their leader, can do about it!” We don’t really believe in ‘irreconcilable personality clashes’.... View Article

Teams vs. Groups

What is a team? And do we take time enough to distinguish between a team and any of the following: A clan A faction? A committee? A mob? A rabble? An interest group? A…? We think... View Article

All it takes…

We believe that all it takes to improve your social process skills is the ability to look at your own behavior from the outside in. To step outside the ‘beam’ of your own behavior and reflect... View Article

Work vs. Play

Well designed work can and should resemble play. The essence of work is about making decisions; exercising choice within the limits and boundaries that are imposed upon us and choice and decisions to achieve an outcome;... View Article