All of our products are tailored to address client specific challenges and circumstances. In some cases however the client’s need is for something very specific to be designed or for a more general service. We offer services of these sorts in four areas:

  • Developing Your Internal Facilitation Capability
  • Facilitating Your Gathering
  • Designing & Delivering process to Meet Your Needs
  • Designing Experiential Learning Activities and Writing Case Studies for You

Developing Your Internal Facilitation Capability

When we are involved in the delivery of our programs such as the Cultural Management Program or the Managing Diversity Program we are often asked by the client to develop their people’s capability to deliver the associated workshops internally. Under these conditions and based on our extensive experience in teaching, training and education we are able to deign a client and program specific Train the Facilitator workshop. This is consistent with our philosophy of liberating the capability of not just a client’s people but of the client organization itself.

Facilitating Your ‘Gathering’

In many circumstances a client’s need may not be for a program or workshop but simply to have an experienced facilitator for:

  • An off site meeting
  • A planning session
  • A think tank
  • A brainstorming session
  • A general get together of key people
  • A retreat
  • A review session
  • And…

In these sorts of cases there is often a desire to have the external facilitator ensure that the process of the gathering is managed and monitored and that outcomes are delivered within agreed timeframes. This is an area where we have a track record of highly professional and successful process facilitation using a range of our own and well-established process facilitation methodologies/ tools.

Designing and Delivering Process to Meet Your Needs

Client’s needs are often fully met by tailoring a workshop or program in one of our six product areas.

  • Culture and Behavioral Change
  • Teamwork
  • The Development & Execution of Plans
  • Organizational Structure and People Systems
  • The Management of Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Change Management – P2T

Sometimes however tailoring is not enough and there is a need for a specific intervention to be designed for example:

  • I have my eight Sales people together for six hours and I want to have by the end of that time a list of no less than twenty discreetly different ideas for selling our new product…
  • Once annually we take all of our people away for a couple of days R and R but it is usually unstructured and people do not engage. Moreover given how different we are from one another it is often an uncomfortable affair. I want this years get together to be well structured around a theme of embracing our diversity and one where people learn some new skills while still having fun…
  • Given the major incident last month we need to very swiftly come up with and sign off on a behavioral code of safety conduct for all leaders. I will be able to assemble every leader from across site for five hours and want by the end of that time a list of the ten behaviors that we will commit to. And I want the sixty people present to understand and sign off on each of them…
  • We lose a lot of our graduates within the first year of them joining us. I am going to be running a three-day ‘Attracting & retaining Graduates’ seminar but can give you a two-hour slot on day two to present some ideas on keeping graduates which will inspire some action from those present…

The only limit on our ability here is that the process required is one that falls within the knowledge fields as represented in the six product areas. And each of the four examples presented above are actual requests which we were able to successfully respond to.

Designing Experiential Learning Activities and Writing Case Studies for You

We have recently this offering added to our service package. While we have and use some two dozen experiential learning activities and another two dozen case studies all of which can be used to deliver powerful experiential learning experiences in the context of our Culture and Behavioral Change, Teamwork and Managing Diversity & Inclusivity Programs and Workshops it does happen from time to time that we are asked to do nothing more than write a case study or design an experiential for a client who wants to use it in their own workshop/ program and we are usually happy and able to oblige.

In 2004 we were given the following challenge:

“We’d like a three hour experiential learning activity which will give people the experience of working remotely, in virtual teams if you will. The activity will be the centerpiece of a one and a half day workshop and it should:

  • Involve at least three sub-teams working on a major project
  • Have an overall project manager as well as sub-team leaders
  • Have each team on a different continent
  • And a time zone differential built in
  • And maybe some language issues between different English dialects; American vs. Australian and British English so to speak
  • And each sub-team should have at least four different ‘technologies’ available for communicating with the other two teams and the overall project manager
  • And it should be able to run indoors and
  • Involve no physically taxing activities
  • And a few other twists and turns which we’d like you to invent….can you do it?”

And we did.

When it comes to Case Studies you can get the flavor of the moral dilemmas that we write for use on our own workshops and programs emailing us with a request for a sample case study. The three on display will change from time to time and will give you a sense of our writing style.

When we design experiential learning activities and write case studies or provide advice on the different ways in which case studies/ experiential might be used our fees are on an hourly basis.