How Effective are you in Getting Feedback?

Some people will say: “I’m really good at getting feedback from people…the thing is tough that they are seldom totally honest with me.”

Well our view is that the best metric…the best measure of how effective you are in getting feedback from people is…

…how open, honest and complete they are in what they tell you.

And yes we know the excuses i.e. it is not my fault that:

  • They are guarded in what they say
  • They don’t trust me
  • They are closed and secretive
  • They are unwilling to open up
  • And…

Well we believe that there are effective techniques which when used will ensure that you create an environment in which people will feel:

  • Emotionally safe and
  • Respected.

And if you can achieve this you will be amazed at how open, honest and complete people are in what they share with you.